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Estacionamento no local

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Responsável Técnico:
Dr. Luciano Zuffo
CRM-RS:  26798 / RQE 23181

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São Pietro Saúde - Pronto Atendimento em Urologia, Oftalmologia e Centro Cirúrgico - Médicos, Oftalmologista, Urologista, Ginecologista, Pediatra - Exames e Tratamentos: Biópsia, Colonoscopia, Endoscopia, Litotripsia, Pedra nos Rins, Cálculo Renal



Being recognized for its excellence in services and health assistance in the South region of Brazil.

Provide society the access to a high quality medicine, humanized service and with a high technology, through a qualified team and professional excellence.

• Ethics
• Respect
• Integrity
• Quality
• Sustainability

São Pietro Saúde since its foundation really cares about offering a high quality service to its patients.

Having the headquarter located in Porto Alegre and offering services in several places in Rio Grande do Sul ; Humanity, care, attention and respect are words that guide the institution through all the activities with a cutting edge technology.

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