One of the services provided by São Pietro Health is the management of health services in loco or through consultancies to hospitals and government.

In synchrony with the health manager, São Pietro offers support to the institutional development of the Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS). For that, there are offered professional health teams with the focus in teaching, social development and to treat diseases.

Here the managers and collaborators are inspired by the desire to take care, serve and offer excellency in the treatment to a great number of people. For that, they work to multiply their experiences, teaching and giving transparency to health knowledge and service so than more people can be beneficiated.

São Pietro also develops customized projects in many areas, as examples we have the urology and ophthalmologic services, which are provided doctor, infirmary, secretary and even the necessary supplies for the procedures.

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Estacionamento no local

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Responsável Técnico:
Dr. Luciano Zuffo
CRM-RS:  26798 / RQE 23181

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