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São Pietro Saúde - Pronto Atendimento em Urologia, Oftalmologia e Centro Cirúrgico - Médicos, Oftalmologista, Urologista, Ginecologista, Pediatra - Exames e Tratamentos: Biópsia, Colonoscopia, Endoscopia, Litotripsia, Pedra nos Rins, Cálculo Renal

Vaccines Clinic


• Dengue

• DTPa

• Hepatite A

• Hepatite B

• Hepatite A + B

• Gripe (Influenza)

• Tríplice Viral - Sarampo / Caxumba / Rubéola


• Influenza Quadrivalente

• Pneumocócicas Conjugadas - 13-valente e 23-valente


• Meningocócica Conjugada Quadrivalente ACWY


• HPV Quadrivalente - 6, 11, 16, 18

• Varicela


• Rotavírus (Pentavalente)


• Pentavalente


• Hexavalente


• Febre Amarela

• Herpes Zóster



São Pietro Vaccines offers the travelers a personalized plan of immunization, taking into consideration the existing vaccination card and possible needed updates, as well as the schedule and duration of the trip.

To have an efficient immunologic result the vaccination of the traveler needs to be initiated at least 15 days before the trip – the recommendation is 4 or 6 weeks in advance.

In case of a vaccine that involves more than one dose, the vaccination scheme must be done in a way that it can be finished, if possible, before the trip.

The CDC (1) separates the traveler’s vaccine in three categories:

  • Routine vaccines: These are recommended in the basic vaccination calendar, independently of the trip schedule.

  • Recommended vaccines: This group is indicated to protect the traveler from diseases that are present in other parts of the world and to prevent the importation of infectious diseases.

  • Mandatory vaccines: These are the ones demanded by the countries governments to enter the country or some specific regions. Some examples of this category are Yellow Fever vaccine to some regions of the sub-Saharan Africa and South America and the immunization against Meningococcal disease (Meningitis) which is required by Saudi Arabia government.

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